March 24, 2020

The exhibition entitled PRIME TIME signed by Obie Platon, took place on Tudor Arghezi street Nr. 9, Sector 1, Bucharest (in the former headquarters of the Embassy of the United States of America).

The 11 works of the Romanian artist are made of a complex visual language, heterogeneous and distinct, materialized in a surrealistic mixture of symbols transposed into experimental paintings. Each canvas captures, from a different angle, the dichotomy of the current social contexts, that of the individual who must belong to a society in a continuous transition from one political – economic – social system to another.

PRIME TIME captures and mirrors the reflection of the communist system in the capitalist one, transposing on the canvas a collective subconscious, sickened by the ideological remnants of a deeply impregnated communism, on its way to utopian capitalism. Obie Platon manages to outline in his works a social reality that he gives to the public in a particular way, creating a complex context of contrasts, tensions and beliefs sometimes collective, sometimes individual, and which together define any political-economic-social system.

The exhibition took place between 24th – 31st October 2019.