In the exhibition HUMANUTOPIA, hosted at the Palace of Parliament, built by dictator Ceaușescu, contemporary society is reflected through a series of fictional portraits of diverse human typologies. Current contexts and topics become part of a visual discourse that stages a surrealist utopia, in which man’s ideals remain in the limits of the impossible, composing a credible illusion, which only mimics perfection and denies its fallibility.

The human attraction towards what cannot exist, the intangible, placing aspirations in a distant and improbable future, deceiving and at the same time comforting, is presented in parallel with a secret imperceptible reality, where the social roles are controlled and assigned. The characters are depicted wearing the preordained masks yet discreetly capture the essence behind the appearance. Thus, the mysteries and conspiracies of the present are revealed to the audience in a collection of works created in the technique of classical oil painting, but filled with contemporary symbols and elements.

The premise of the exhibition is that man lives in an “aquarium reality”, a derisory camouflage that instead of hiding completely exposes the subject, making it vulnerable and, therefore, affecting the spiritual evolution of man. The sole solution for survival, here and now, is the faith in utopia.

During the exhibition, one of the works, referring to the Saint George mural, was partially covered without the artist’s consent. As a response to this action, other works were also silenced by the artist in a performance-manifesto. Key symbols were covered to show that without a message, art loses its power and becomes simply decorative.

Watch the HUMANUTOPIA video.

Solo show, January 13th-28th, 2016 @ Constantin Brancusi Hall
Palace of the Parliament, 3 Izvor St, 5th district, Bucharest
Special guests: Kero and Irlo
More info about the works here.
Exhibition view and vernissage photos: Kartal H