Inspired by the exceptional amount of energy emitted by the celestial object it has been named after, QUASAR is a visual and conceptual representation of various states and facts reflecting the conclusions of a rigorous analysis of reality, expressed through diverse techniques, often mixed, from sculpture and object to installation and painting.

The irrationality defining human condition in the context of our dependence on illusion, the obsessions resulted from extreme beliefs or their abandonment, the continuous rebirth and reinvention of tradition, the limits imposed by structures of thinking deriving from education, religion or the media, the values of the underground culture intersect in an ironic and sometimes ludic way, generating a conflicting sentiment of both repulsion and attraction in front of a revelation that has come too early or too late.

Solo show – Nov 27th, 2015 – January 9th, 2016
Neogalateca, 2-4 C.A.ROSETTI St., District 1, Bucharest, Romania