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Stealing the Colours

Artmark Charity auction of the Christmas Trees Festival, for the benefit of Save the Children Romania Organization #386/2020. The artwork challenges us to decipher on our own this binary code that stands as the basis of a surprising composition. It reminds us of a seemingly warm theme that becomes intriguing by the presence of a famous character (Grinch) who hijacks the perfect image of the winter holidays by stealing its colours. Through volume and spatial effects that have become specific to Op art, the artist has built imagery of one of the most elegant and dynamic Christmas holidays.
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Artmark Postmodern and Contemporary Art auction, including a selection from the sculpture exhibition "New Sculpture Today. Beyond the Canon." Obie Platon simulates the material and three-dimensional nature of his reality and the inverted process of visual construction that this type of metamorphosis involves. The artwork describes a chimerical exchange of experience between the artist and archaic cultural landmarks, in which is outlined a tense game between construction and deconstruction, form and chaos, past, present, and future. Through this two-dimensional composition, the artist wants to serve the idea of the infinite continuity of the artistic spirit. The artwork is remarkable by
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