Occupy the blockchain

A gargantuan black mirror was placed in a public intersection of Bucharest, but only in the online simulacrum of that space. Back to digital reality already?
My work is part of an NFT collection launched and exhibited by Anca Poterasu Gallery.

TIFF 2021

It seems that our colleagues from the film industry also love the art of manipulation through imagery. Therefore I accepted to honor their invitation to paint a mural at TIFF 2021. I chose to portray another version of one of my paintings from the Satisfashion series, MANipulation.

Metamorphosis of Daedalus and Icarus

The mural painting commemorates an incredible story about two skillful pilots that became enemies due to the controversial context of the Second World War. Ion Dobran and Berry Davis took a vigorous fight up in the air that ultimately became a lesson of inner strength and humanity. Their epic confrontation from which both managed to survive inspired me to disclose in my work the heaviness of such great responsibility and sacrifice only two individuals could carry for the sake of the collective.


Kinetic street art installation exhibited at Qreator by Iqos.

8A Aviatorilor Blvd, Bucharest.

The Jolly

Street art intervention within the artistic project Art for Air by Iqos for Romanian Design Week 2021
The mural is on 9 Matei Millo Street, Bucharest.


Artmark Postmodern and Contemporary Art auction, including a selection from the sculpture exhibition “New Sculpture Today. Beyond the Canon.”

Oil on canvas

282 x 198 cm

Obie Platon simulates the material and three-dimensional nature of his reality and the inverted process of visual construction that this type of metamorphosis involves. The artwork describes a chimerical exchange of experience between the artist and archaic cultural landmarks, in which is outlined a tense game between construction and deconstruction, form and chaos, past, present, and future. Through this two-dimensional composition, the artist wants to serve the idea of the infinite continuity of the artistic spirit.

The artwork is remarkable by the horizontal dynamics produced by the inevitable earthquake between the narrative, the architectural structure, and the allegorical characters. The two birds found at the upper level of the composition levitate smoothly, outlining the vicious circularity of good and evil, paradoxically balancing the whole situation.

Stealing the Colours

Artmark Charity auction of the Christmas Trees Festival, for the benefit of Save the Children Romania Organization #386/2020

The artwork challenges us to decipher on our own this binary code that stands as the basis of a surprising composition. It reminds us of a seemingly warm theme that becomes intriguing by the presence of a famous character (Grinch) who hijacks the perfect image of the winter holidays by stealing its colours. Through volume and spatial effects that have become specific to Op art, the artist has built imagery of one of the most elegant and dynamic Christmas holidays.

Arhitectura Magazine

The Architect, one of the most complex murals I made in Bucharest on the walls of Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism in 2016, is now on the cover of the 3rd number of “Arhitectura” Magazine.

Artsafari 2020

I participated in the 7th edition of the biggest temporary museum in Bucharest, Artsafari, by bringing two of my well-known artworks, The Slaughterhouse, Hide and Seek, and an art installation called Wheel of fortune. The exhibition took place in September 2021 in Victoria Tower and lasted for two whole weeks. Despite Covid 19 restrictions, 32.405 people have visited the museum.

PRIME TIME – solo exhibition

Obie Platon’s exhibition entitled PRIME TIME is an event that takes place at the former headquarters of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest. The exhibition is presented as a summary of daily challenges, feelings, and social problems resumed in large scale visual images and completed by astonishing performances.

Gallery and info

October 24th – 31st 2019 @ Tudor Arghezi street Nr. 9, Sector 1, Bucharest


Festival of Lights Berlin 2019

As the concept of energy doesn’t come from a specific thing or relationship with a certain entity, but rather through different connections materialized in different forms and shapes, in order to release it and let it lead you to your purpose you have to understand it beyond the commonplace human needs. Using universal symbols and basic geometrical shapes that lie at the heart of the universe, I am willing to give them a less abstract sense by integrating them in a descriptive image of an unseen world.

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Exhibition manifest,  SATISFASHION signed by Obie Platon portrays, using surreal lines, inspiring and vicious sides of contemporary fashion, acknowledging the scale of the phenomenon, its role in society and the transformation that took place in this business after industrialization. On view from 17 January through 28 February 2018 at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Beijing hall, the show presents the recent paintings of the artist, in which today’s themes and topics become part of a visual discourse that stages unknown sides of fashion.

January 17th- February 28th, 2018 @ Beijing

The opening event took place on 17 January, at 2:00 pm.
The show can be visited through 28 February 2018, from Monday to Friday, hours 9 am- 5 pm, at Romanian Cultural Institute in Beijing exhibition hall (Galaxy SOHO, Building B, 10125-27, Xiao Paifang Street, no.7A, Chaoyangmen, Dongcheng district, Beijing, China).
Obie Platon - Autocontrol

EDITION 1 Print Show in Hamburg

December 9th-17th, 2016
Hamburg, Germany

The AUTOCONTROL print, available at URBANSHIT Gallery, will be included in the show.

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Obie Platon - Artmark

Contemporary War – Artmark

The Contemporary War painting, featured in the Postmodernism and Contemporary Art auction at Artmark.
November 22nd, 2016
Athénée Palace Hilton, Bucharest

Obie Platon - Mind Wars

Mind Wars @ ZAIN

Mind Wars solo show in Cluj-Napoca
November 3rd-6th, 2016

Part of ZAIN design festival

Obie Platon & Victor Fota @ Amural

Symbiosis @ Amural

Symbiosis duo exhibition with Victor Fota
September 1st-27th, 2016

Part of AMURAL Festival in Brasov, Romania.

Obie Platon - Humanutopia

Humanutopia – solo show

In HUMANUTOPIA, contemporary society is reflected through a series of fictional portraits of diverse human typologies. Current contexts and topics become part of a visual discourse that stages a surrealist utopia, in which man’s ideals remain in the limits of the impossible, composing a credible illusion, which only mimics perfection and denies its fallibility.

Gallery and info

January 13th-28th, 2016 @ Constantin Brancusi Hall
Palace of the Parliament, 3 Izvor St, 5th district, Bucharest

Obie Platon - Quasar

QUASAR @ Neogalateca

Inspired by the exceptional amount of energy emitted by the celestial object it has been named after, QUASAR is a visual and conceptual representation, through matter, of states and facts which reflect the conclusions of a rigorous analysis of the current reality, expressed through diverse techniques, often mixed, from sculpture and object to installation and painting.

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Nov 27th, 2015 – January 9th, 2016
Neogalateca, 2-4 C.A.ROSETTI St., District 1, Bucharest

Obie Platon - Autocontrol - print

AUTOCONTROL – Limited edition

AUTOCONTROL – Limited edition prints 

Edition Size: 30
Size: 40 x 60 cm
Technique: Archival Pigment Print on semi-glossy 260 g.s.m. Epson paper
Numbered and signed
120,00 €

Available at URBANSHIT Gallery