Sic Transit Gloria Mundi



Jess Thompson

Artmark Postmodern and Contemporary Art auction, including a selection from the sculpture exhibition “New Sculpture Today. Beyond the Canon.”

Obie Platon simulates the material and three-dimensional nature of his reality and the inverted process of visual construction that this type of metamorphosis involves. The artwork describes a chimerical exchange of experience between the artist and archaic cultural landmarks, in which is outlined a tense game between construction and deconstruction, form and chaos, past, present, and future. Through this two-dimensional composition, the artist wants to serve the idea of the infinite continuity of the artistic spirit.

The artwork is remarkable by the horizontal dynamics produced by the inevitable earthquake between the narrative, the architectural structure, and the allegorical characters. The two birds found at the upper level of the composition levitate smoothly, outlining the vicious circularity of good and evil, paradoxically balancing the whole situation.

282 x 198 x 5 cm (111 x 78 x 1.97 in)
Oil on canvas
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